Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ella Says... "Behind Door #1 We Have Awesome Chairs"

The making of a chair is a work of art. Have you ever really thought about it? We all go out just about every day. We visit places and we take a seat. Some of us often think... "this is a comfortable chair... or not". Yesterday I had to go out and get a few things. My foot was really hurting so every chair I saw was like a breath of fresh air. I took a seat. My poor father is in town for two weeks to help me out and I kept waiting (hoping) he would say he was tired. NEVER HAPPENED!!! I finally threw in the towel and we had to come home not having completed our errand list. Ughh! But for every chair I sat in (trust me... there were many) I did a personal analysis and I can tell you I would have loved to have had this chair which Ella is hiding behind door #1.

Primitiques one of a kind slip covered chair in a vintage feed sack with a pillowed seat and an extra back pillow. I can tell you first hand having also broken my back that I love that extra pillow. VERY VERY COMFORTABLE.

Beth and Bill make these chairs to be "one of a kinds". The feedsacks are ALL vintage textiles that were actually used in a day so long ago. The wear on them is original. They have been cleaned but still posess the beauty of another time.

If you look closely in this picture you will see a small mending patch that Beth added to cover what was once a bitty hole.

On the back of the chair she added a pocket which in my house is PERFECT for the TV remote and an extra pair of eyeglasses. Two things that I could never find.

BEST of all... this is a "SLIP COVER" chair so the cover comes off for easy clean up. I LOVE IT!!! This chair has been loaded on the trailer and is headed out of town for the Heritage Market show in Gettysburg. But... please email Beth at for a look at some of the others she might have available. Remember "NO TWO ARE ALIKE" and she can add special touches to each chair per your request.

Friday, August 28, 2009

We Are Packing For GETTYSBURG!!!!

Hello Folks,

Just a quick note to let you know that Primitiques decided (last minute) to attend the Gettysburg, PA Cash & Carry Show on Wednesday, September 2nd from 9am-3pm. It is through Heritage Markets. (See show info below).

As many of you know, Primitiques introduced our 200 under 20 Program in June and it was a HUGE hit. Since our starting this program, our items are also a HUGE HIT for you, our retailers! It seems that our buyers/shops cannot keep these little Primitiques' treasures in stock! We are busy trying to make as many 200 under 20 items for Gettysburg because we literally ran out of almost 500 of these treasures last week at the Columbus Cash & Carry! We are thrilled that our small Handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces are selling well for our shops. Especially since folks want to purchase handmade goods, but may not be able to stretch their budgets for a while. These little pieces are truly the niche you need as a shop owner to bring fresh and original works of functional art into your shops and to keep your buyers interested in your shop!

Remember, if you are a qualified buyer as not able to attend a show, please call or email Beth at Primitiques to purchase your "care package" of our 200 under 20 program items. This is a wonderful way to get a wonderful variety of smalls into your shop for the autumn season! Pair them with our wee little shoo flys, our NEW Rusty Wire Spring Candle Holders and you have a unique and perfectly Primitive Gathering!

Here is our new Ol' Dryin' Board
We'll have a few of these cuties for sale at Gettysburg on 9/2.

If you are planning to attend the Gettysburg Cash & Carry, be sure to get there early so you can get first pickens of these little treasures! Many of you have already seen and fallen in love with our new rusty shoo fly collection! We SOLD OUT of about 100 Small & Medium Rusty Shoo Fly Screens in the first hour of our Autumn Harvest Online Trade Show in June but now have a new batch (only about 40 left of small (4 inch and of the 7 inch). These shoo flys are as authentic as they come! hand stitched by me, Beth (for orders, and by chance at C&C shows). Of course, we have a nice sampling of BIG Primitiques available at the mill but will only be bringing a sampling of our larger pieces to this show. Please check out our invetory available online @ to see if there is anything you want to buy and have us deliver to the show at no charge. This site is password protected, so email or call Beth asap to receive the password (only qualified buyers please). OR 610.459.1776

Finally, if you are a qualified buyer, you can go to our online tradeshow website (currently between shows) to view some of the inventory Primitiques has to offer. If you see anything on the site, please call us right away, otherwise, we may not be bringing it to the Gettysburg Cash & Carry on September 2nd.

Here is the site of the Quill & Well's Online Trade Show:

You will need to be qualified as a buyer to receive your password to enter the site. The site will be closed the second week of September while the artisans (such as Primitiques) are busy setting up our booths with NEW goodies for the Jack Frost Online Trade Show on Monday, Septermber 28th (8-10:30 PM).

Thank you for taking the time to read our updates and we hope to see you at the Gettysburg Cash & Carry Trade Show Next week!!!

Beth & Bill Merryfield
Primitiques, Ltd.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Primitiques and Samplers

I have been working on the Samplers store and site shooting pictures of the Samplers and Primitiques items together. We will have a plethora of these goodes at the up coming Country Living show and I wanted to put a few photo's up for all to see. We don't have our booth number yet but will let you know when we do. If you have any questions about any of the items in the pictures please feel free to call or email either Beth or myself.

This DARLING shelf was a piece I picked up from Beth at the Cash N'Carry. I had it in my shop 45 minutes with these beeswax n'clove nubbies and it sold. I am NOT KIDDING!!! Now I am thinking I should have kept it. Here are just a few of the many hanging candle shelves available. They are ALL UNIQUE and ALL ONE OF A KIND!!!

I tend to buy the unique Primitique pieces with the extra missing chunks to mix with my Samplers Goodes. I found a wonderful assortment of Primitiques hand turned bowls at the cash n'carry in varying colors. They look great and display so nicely with all of my primitive drieds, potpourri's and candles. I have taken pictures of a few.

This is one of the nicest bowls. It is 17" and is colored pumpkin over spicy mustard. It is by far one of the BEST fall color pieces. I am currently using it to display my simmering potpourri and pumpkin votive chunks.

I love stacking my bowls in my displays. This is the dark pitch bowl from an earlier picture inside a salmon bowl with dirtly white accents. I have my pumpkin tapers, fall simmering potpourri and a few cloved oranges accenting this display.

This is a putka garland and the pumpkin chunk votives I mentioned earlier. They are scented in a pumpkin spice blend with a hint of cinnamon. The bowl is the chippy side of the salmon bowl from the previous picture. If you have noticed in all if not most of my pictures I have a large Primitiques paddle behind the display and under the display. These paddles are so universal. I have them under candles, primitive jars, bowls, stationary packs and an assortment of goodes. They are both beautiful and functional. Beth and Bill always have a variety of colors and sizes at the shows so remember to just get on in there and DIG.

Here is a close up of one of the large candle paddles so you can see the details in it. I also have a picture of it leaning against an old door so you can see the entire paddle.

Friday, August 21, 2009

My New Shoes!!!

So... I get up this morning moving rather stiffly listening to my bones crack into place as I try not to fall on the floor getting my balance in my lovely new boot. I think... a fresh new day... its all good. Its nice and cool outside and there is a slight breeze. I gather myself together, sit down in my all too comfortable office chair surrounded by a tornado of paperwork which SOMEONE ELSE must have left because we all know it couldn't be me. I open my email and VIOLA.. a little ditty from my friend Candy from The Simple Goodes show. Wonderful gal... Great show. If you can't get enough of primitives you need to attend this show. Its FANTASTIC. Plus I am an exhibitor there. Anyhow, she sent me this email with these unbelievable shoes. I thought I would share a few with everyone.

Obviously she didn't realize I was already in enough pain from the ankle and these are clearly marked with a "B" so these must be for Beth. Oh... but alas her foot is broken as well. So these must be meant for my oldest daughter Elizabeth that other people also call Beth. Candy likes my Elizabeth a lot more than me. Its probably because shes just so much nicer than I am. Go figure. LOL. So these we will pass on to her.

Now I am thinking that even after recovering from a broken foot there is no way I would ever entertain wearing this pair of shoes. To put it simply, at this point in my life my chance of recovering from a broken neck when I fall in these beauties is slim to none. Guess what... Beth gets em!!!! my... and this lovely, if not smelly pair of shoes although probably safe to walk in were clearly not meant for me. I am NOT the one vacationing on the Jersey shore right now sunning myself and eating sea food. That would be... YES... BETH!!! Looks like she wins again.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One Shoe Can Change Your Life.....

How often do we fail to recognize the benefits of mobility. We never really appreciate it until we lose it temporarily.

Recently Beth decided to throw her hat in the ring and enter the Merryfield Olympic Child Gate Hurdles race in an effort to win a gold medal. Sad to say that despite her best efforts she came in a very close second. The child gate won the Gold coming in first. The judges taking pity on her gave her a no expense paid trip to a Philadelphia emergency room where she was awarded a lovely black low cut boot, a vicadin prescription and a 6-8 weeks request that she stay OFF her feet. I thought it only fitting to show you her prize. The child gate was not available at print time to show its medal.

Sometime around Easter I decided to enter the "can you walk across the dining room contest". I am sure you all know the answer to that question... That's a big fat negative. However I did win the bronze medal which included a visit to my local primary care giver. He was so impressed by my efforts he gave me the silver medal and sent me to visit a local orthopedic surgeon. The orthopedic surgeon didn't think I showed much promise and took back my silver medal giving me back the bronze and sent me on my way to the local physical therapist. The local physical therapist took one look at me and gave me back my silver medal opened the door and sent me on my way to the local podiatrist. The local podiatrist sent me to the hospital to get my PR photos done in the MRI department since I am a silver medalist. After viewing my new pictures he felt I deserved the GOLD medal. He gave me a lovely new shoe/tall boot and a handshake saying "I think you need a specialist. You not only fractured your heal but you broke your ankle. You win simply because you are walking." I haven't met with the specialist yet but I figure he'll take my gold medal and tell me anyone too stupid to cross the dining room without falling doesn't deserve a thing. Personally I would have been happy with Beth's vicadin.

It goes without saying that both Beth and I are most definitely a team. Together we share both the winnings and the losses.

Thought for the day ~

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Here It IS... Coming Soon...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Heritage Market - Columbus Cash and Carry

Well Beth and I have been out of the loop for a little while getting ready for this show. Well... that and we each broke our right foot. NO THIS IS NOT A HOAX!!! Pictures to follow in another post. But... about the show. It was an AWESOME show and we had a good time. Beth was unable to attend as she needed to stay off her foot and I was medicated and on steroids. The crowd was great and we had a nice blend of primitive goodes. Bill, Michele (my right hand.. I mean foot) and I were very happy with the way it was attended and the ease at which this show seemed to go. Bill took a few photos and here they are.

As many of you might know or rather might not know Beth and Bill make these simply fantastic chairs. They have a friend that actually cuts the tree and makes each chair piece from scratch. You talk about "Made In The U.S.A.". I have never seen anything like these. The hand hewn pieces truly are a work of art. The finish on the chairs is amazing. These are pictures of two of the seats of the chairs. One is a drab brown with a spicy mustard seat and the other is a dirty white over black. I would love to have six of these in my dining room.