Friday, August 21, 2009

My New Shoes!!!

So... I get up this morning moving rather stiffly listening to my bones crack into place as I try not to fall on the floor getting my balance in my lovely new boot. I think... a fresh new day... its all good. Its nice and cool outside and there is a slight breeze. I gather myself together, sit down in my all too comfortable office chair surrounded by a tornado of paperwork which SOMEONE ELSE must have left because we all know it couldn't be me. I open my email and VIOLA.. a little ditty from my friend Candy from The Simple Goodes show. Wonderful gal... Great show. If you can't get enough of primitives you need to attend this show. Its FANTASTIC. Plus I am an exhibitor there. Anyhow, she sent me this email with these unbelievable shoes. I thought I would share a few with everyone.

Obviously she didn't realize I was already in enough pain from the ankle and these are clearly marked with a "B" so these must be for Beth. Oh... but alas her foot is broken as well. So these must be meant for my oldest daughter Elizabeth that other people also call Beth. Candy likes my Elizabeth a lot more than me. Its probably because shes just so much nicer than I am. Go figure. LOL. So these we will pass on to her.

Now I am thinking that even after recovering from a broken foot there is no way I would ever entertain wearing this pair of shoes. To put it simply, at this point in my life my chance of recovering from a broken neck when I fall in these beauties is slim to none. Guess what... Beth gets em!!!! my... and this lovely, if not smelly pair of shoes although probably safe to walk in were clearly not meant for me. I am NOT the one vacationing on the Jersey shore right now sunning myself and eating sea food. That would be... YES... BETH!!! Looks like she wins again.

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