Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Primitiques Paint Samples


Here at Primitiques, we are always thinking of ways that we can assist with improving sales and bottom lines for our Made-in-America supporters, such as yourself. Over the years, we've been asked if we make paint samples... and we are happy to finally answer... YES!

For our distributors, your samples will be shipped with your next order...

For those of you who are not on our distributor list, we will include a paint sample cubby on your next qualifying order and/or inventory purchase. This is for our distributors and wholeslae customers only.

Double Sided Paint Samples- 16 Colors- including Primitiques' New High Country Refined Paint Finish. Also available~ hardwood samples (if requested) in Walnut, Cherry and Tiger Maple both stained and unstained.

Included in the Primitiques' Paint Color Sample Cubby Set is the Lollipop Cubby (all cubbys are shades of blue) and Branded

"Primitiques Merryfield Family, Pennsylvania, USA"

A Wonderful addition to your country store!

Bill & Beth Merryfield
Primitiques, Ltd.
Located in Historic Rockdale along the babbling creek, nestled in the hillside...
Showroom Open by Chance or Appointment- Wholesale Shoppers Welcome!
739 Mount Road, A2
Aston, Pa 19014

Monday, September 19, 2011

Selfridges & Co. Luxury Crackers

What a wonderful surprise in my email today to see the completed Luxury Crackers. We DID NOT make these crackers but Monahan Papers designs and produces the paper for these lovely Celebration Crackers. I am hoping they are on the Selfridges web site soon. I am going to get some. I don't even know what they are filled with but I bet its great stuff.

Monday, September 5, 2011

More Fun In The Studio....

Fun designing in the studio this past week for the London show has brought many NEW wrap, card, stationary and journal designs plus it has given us the opportunity to dabble in color. I thought I would share a few of the new pieces with everyone. This is some of the wrap on aged paper.

Belsnickles - Reproduction chocolate mold Santa's. My FAVORITE.

Holly and Ivy in color.

Jack Heads in color.

Candy Canes in color.

Candy Canes in black and white.

Apothecary - Perfect for a "Get Well Soon" gift.

Prams - I love this to wrap a baby gift.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Primitiques Showroom is OPEN!!! Take our TOUR


Its September 1st. WOO HOO. Don't you just LOVE this time of year. Its still really hot but I simply love fall decorating. We did a few new paper goodies and dried some mandarin orange slices. I have to say the mandarin oranges are even more fragrant than the regular sliced oranges we do and these are so so cute. I did a new some new paper designs which are available in 11" X 17", 13" X 19" and in wrap rolls of 24" X 36". The wrap rolls are always available on the aged paper as well as Kraft paper. I also did Bathilda Boo in the 4 3/8 x 5 3/4 (A-2 size) card. She is by far my FAVORITE witch design. I hope you ENJOY.