Saturday, February 27, 2010

The New Catalog Will Be Available 3/10

Printing has begun on the new 2010 M & M Dry Goodes catalog and it will be available on March 10th or there abouts for $3.00. Plase contact us if you would like the new catalog.

Monday, February 22, 2010

It Was A Snow Day... WEEK!!!!!!

So Elizabeth and I flew into the show and were greeeted by snow and then snow and again more snow and Beth. Beth... who was kind enough to pick us up and let us camp at her house for the weekend. Day one was great. Beth took us on a tour of Aston and the neighboring towns and we enjoyed that. We toured her mill and the "Artist Colony" that shares the building with her. Thats my word for it... Artist Colony. This great old mill that has been converted into artist spaces. When I say artist spaces I really mean it. I mean clean and organized spaces where theres a place for every thing and every thing has a place. My STUDIO has places called where it drops is I guess where it goes... today anyways. We'll move it when we need it on another day.

We enjoyed visiting Beth's studio/warehouse/storage/showroom/rooms with piles/packing area/painting areas... space as well. We were upstairs and downstairs. We went this way and that way and there were rooms for different things. Rooms with names and peoples names. Corners of assigned space. I got jealous and I wanted a space so I meandered through everyones space. Its always an adventure when you get to visit someone elses studio and they give you free reign to poke around. I was like a kid in a candy store. Elizabeth managed to find the couch in the breakroom area and kick back with magazines for a while. I on the other hand felt like Marlin Perkins being sponsored by Mutual Of Omaha on a National Geographic adventure into uncharted Amazon territory. Left free to explore and forage for myself. Which I did by the way. I made a point to capture something from just about every room. What can I say... I am a scavenger. It was great UNTIL.... The snow kept coming and coming and coming. Not a few inches but I think we had 28" when all was said and done. Here are a few pictures I took on my phone.

I took this one to show the first snowfall. We came back from setting up the show and this is what greeted us. Poor Bill had to shovel us a path so we could get into the house. We sat in the warm truck laughing while he stood knee high in piles of snow clearing an escape route for us. What a guy.

He cleared enough snow for us to get in, get our luggage and get out. We couldn't even stay at the house. There was toooo much snow. The roads were closing and we were afraid we wouldn't make it back to the show in the morning so off we went again. This time to a hotel close to the show. Here are a few views of the parking lot from my window. It wasn't pretty.

To Be Continued....