Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One Shoe Can Change Your Life.....

How often do we fail to recognize the benefits of mobility. We never really appreciate it until we lose it temporarily.

Recently Beth decided to throw her hat in the ring and enter the Merryfield Olympic Child Gate Hurdles race in an effort to win a gold medal. Sad to say that despite her best efforts she came in a very close second. The child gate won the Gold coming in first. The judges taking pity on her gave her a no expense paid trip to a Philadelphia emergency room where she was awarded a lovely black low cut boot, a vicadin prescription and a 6-8 weeks request that she stay OFF her feet. I thought it only fitting to show you her prize. The child gate was not available at print time to show its medal.

Sometime around Easter I decided to enter the "can you walk across the dining room contest". I am sure you all know the answer to that question... That's a big fat negative. However I did win the bronze medal which included a visit to my local primary care giver. He was so impressed by my efforts he gave me the silver medal and sent me to visit a local orthopedic surgeon. The orthopedic surgeon didn't think I showed much promise and took back my silver medal giving me back the bronze and sent me on my way to the local physical therapist. The local physical therapist took one look at me and gave me back my silver medal opened the door and sent me on my way to the local podiatrist. The local podiatrist sent me to the hospital to get my PR photos done in the MRI department since I am a silver medalist. After viewing my new pictures he felt I deserved the GOLD medal. He gave me a lovely new shoe/tall boot and a handshake saying "I think you need a specialist. You not only fractured your heal but you broke your ankle. You win simply because you are walking." I haven't met with the specialist yet but I figure he'll take my gold medal and tell me anyone too stupid to cross the dining room without falling doesn't deserve a thing. Personally I would have been happy with Beth's vicadin.

It goes without saying that both Beth and I are most definitely a team. Together we share both the winnings and the losses.

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