Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ella Says... "Behind Door #1 We Have Awesome Chairs"

The making of a chair is a work of art. Have you ever really thought about it? We all go out just about every day. We visit places and we take a seat. Some of us often think... "this is a comfortable chair... or not". Yesterday I had to go out and get a few things. My foot was really hurting so every chair I saw was like a breath of fresh air. I took a seat. My poor father is in town for two weeks to help me out and I kept waiting (hoping) he would say he was tired. NEVER HAPPENED!!! I finally threw in the towel and we had to come home not having completed our errand list. Ughh! But for every chair I sat in (trust me... there were many) I did a personal analysis and I can tell you I would have loved to have had this chair which Ella is hiding behind door #1.

Primitiques one of a kind slip covered chair in a vintage feed sack with a pillowed seat and an extra back pillow. I can tell you first hand having also broken my back that I love that extra pillow. VERY VERY COMFORTABLE.

Beth and Bill make these chairs to be "one of a kinds". The feedsacks are ALL vintage textiles that were actually used in a day so long ago. The wear on them is original. They have been cleaned but still posess the beauty of another time.

If you look closely in this picture you will see a small mending patch that Beth added to cover what was once a bitty hole.

On the back of the chair she added a pocket which in my house is PERFECT for the TV remote and an extra pair of eyeglasses. Two things that I could never find.

BEST of all... this is a "SLIP COVER" chair so the cover comes off for easy clean up. I LOVE IT!!! This chair has been loaded on the trailer and is headed out of town for the Heritage Market show in Gettysburg. But... please email Beth at for a look at some of the others she might have available. Remember "NO TWO ARE ALIKE" and she can add special touches to each chair per your request.

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