Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Primi-Chic....

Today we shot Primi-Chic photos and it was a rough day. I shot around 150 photos and nothing seemed to go right. The lighting was wrong. The camera wasn't charged enough. The antique silver trophies had toooo much light when the flash went off. We tossed those to side. The product is fantastic but the photographer was having a really off day. Oh... that would be me. It might have had something to do with lack of sleep and the two pots of coffee I was working on. Plus did I forget to have lunch??? Yeah!!!! Despite all the set backs I did get some great shots of the new curved stepping stool with handle and a few candles with lavender bags. I thought I might show you these and then hit the ground running in the morning.

This is the large bowl from a previous post and the new stepping stool. The bowl is called "cuvette de fleur de lis" and the stepping stool is called "selles de progression de ménage". Both are shown in dirty creme' which in french is known as "crème modifiée".

You can see the handle cut out on the top of the stool and the curves on the underlying edges. This piece is colored dirty creme' (crème modifiée).


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