Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We Are Starting To Brain Storm....

Well, Memorial day is over and its time to get back to work. Beth and I are in the beginning planning stages for the upcoming markets in June. We will be showing our wares at the Market Square order writing and Cash N'Carry shows and we have a lot of planning to do. This year we will be working on 5 booths. Four at order writing and one BIG one at cash n'carry. The order writing booths will be Samplers Country, Primitiques, Primi-Chic and The Quill And Well. The Quill And Well booth isn't so much an order writing booth as it is a "meet the American Artisan" booth. We are promoting "Made In The USA" goodes from a variety of artisans in various mediums.
The cash n'carry booth will have a plethora of goodes from the aforementioned companies. We have moved the trailer and believe it or not are ready to begin the long process of loading the goodies upon completion. Having said that we will be showcasing some of the pieces we will be bringing to the show here on this blog in the next couple of weeks. Beth has begun production of new furniture pieces for order writing. These NEW designs for 2009 can be purchased and picked up at the end of the show. We will have a limited stock of show samples for puchase so they will be showcased here in advance. BUT, have no worry... If you miss the original you can still place an order. The smalls which I do can be ordered at the show however the antique props we will be using in our photos are all one of a kinds and should you see something you want just let us know. I wish I had some pictures of the new Primi-Chic furniture all decked out. Hopefully soon!!!! Until then this is what I can show you....

Its a pretty good bet that The Primi-Chic French Country booth might have some cheese and bread... I am all over it!!!!!!!!!!!!


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