Friday, May 29, 2009

The New Striped Buffet Server - Rayé Secouez Le Serveur

Well Beth and Bill have done it again. Here is some eye-candy of the new Striped Buffet Server or as we are now TRYING to say "Rayé Secouez Le Serveur". I have to tell you this piece is fantastic!!! So much better than my french. Having grown up around a family of fluent french speaking people I can follow and piece together a conversation in the most rudimentary ways. I think my biggest achievement in my youth was the continual repetition of "attente mère de cinq minutes" which translates to "wait five minutes mother". Maybe we will name one of our designs that. I certainly won't have any trouble pronouncing it.
The attention to detail on the hardware adds so much to the overall look of this server. The knobs are actually glass which Beth has aged in her own special way.
There is a veritable plethora of color choices on this piece. Whatever you want is pretty much whatever you can get.
The color choices would include not just the base color but the stripe colors as well. If you want alternating colors on your stripes... its done. If you want only one color of stripe... its done. If you want two colors or maybe even three... its done. However, I have to admit that the color choices on this piece are perfect.

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