Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nothing Says "FUN" like loading for a show!!!

Well we are loading up and getting ready to move on out (next week that is). I thought I would shoot a few pictures of our progress. We have created these piles of our wares everywhere and finding the room to move can be trying at times. When attempting a simple maneuver such as crossing the room (we all know how well I do with that) one gets to feeling like Columbus circumnavigating the globe. We have enforced a strict NO FLY zone for Beth since she is also still in her boot and only has the one good foot left. There will be no attempts to JUMP ANYTHING. We now MOVE things over and out of the way. LOL.

Everyone is working. This is my dad who was kind enough to fly in from Florida and help tag merchandise. He works for room and board.

As Beth completes the vintage paper covered boxes she is making nice neat piles. Wait until I show you whats behind me.

These are the one of a kind feed sack chairs. They are AWESOME. And comfortable too.

Here are a few of the large apple gourds. I love the way this picture looks. These are just a few of the items we have ready to load. To see more... we will see you at the fair.

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