Thursday, September 17, 2009

Country Living Show

The booth is set up and Beth and Bill have done an AWESOME job... as usual. I am going to update the site every day while the show is on to give you a fresh look at the booth every day. Plus a few other shots of the comings and goings of the show if there is time... HOPEFULLY NOT!!!

This is the bedroom under the first tent which was my tent. I bought the E-Z Up tent which Beth said "Ain't so easy".

Don't you just love this bed!!! Its great to work in a booth where you can literally hide under the bed to get away or nap when you get tired. LOL. Then move to the next room during lunch and sit in your own kitchen to eat after you get your meal out of the corner butt'ry. Plus you can move onto the sitting room and plop down on the couch, put your feet up, sip some wine and visit with friends or work on the computer. Its HOME AWAY FROM HOME!!!!


Black Sheep Lisa said...

Oh my I do love that bed! In fact i did not see anything that i wouldn't love to have!! LOL
Hope you have lots of sales at the show!

Primitiques, Ltd. said...

Thank you, Lisa! The show was really crowded & I think folks were curious about our primitive furniture and wares... Country Living Magazine has not been too primitive for many years, so maybe we can single-handedly turn the clock back to the Early look of Primitiques, Samplers Country and M&M Dry Goodes :-)