Monday, April 16, 2012

Look for us at Paperchase in May

We are pleased to announce that you will find Monahan Papers at Paperchase in May. Paperchase has over 100 stores in the UK and abroad specializing great selections of stationery, greeting cards, gifts and gift packaging. They have opened many new stores in recent years and plan to continue their expansion throughout the coming year. Paperchase bases it products on strong design and is famous for having designers focus on current fashion trends. The company designs and produces hundreds of products under its own brand name 'Paperchase' but half of its products come from third party designers, mainly their gift cards and everyday stationary!! Thank You Paperchase for adding Monahan Papers to your stores!!!

Here is one of the designs they chose in wrap and cards for Fathers Day. I call it Mustache Men. If you notice there are three mustaches that don't quite fit. They are memories from my youth and one belongs to my father, my grandfather and my uncle. It was a crazy day when I did that design and never did I imagine in would find its way into Paperchase. Who Knew!!!

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