Friday, August 5, 2011


You neet the nicest people at the shows. I loved Wendy and Marcia from Tinsel Trading. The booth they had was amazing. While I was Drooling over the product they were showing they were looking in my booth. It was actually quite funny. I was naturally drawn to the wonderful products they have. The old world look and the vintage paper wares. We even laughed over some of the same artwork we both use. If you have never seen this company please check them out. Tinsel Trading is located just a hop skip and a jump from the Javit's center in NY City. Wendy Addison designed a line for Tinsel Trading and it is REALLY WONDERFUL. The quality is superb and the fact that they manufacture it right there in NY is amazing.

Here is Marcia busy at work loading orders.

Here is Wendy and Marcia taking time out for me to take this Photo. Thanks so much girls. I love your work!!!

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