Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The New Kitchen Is Almost Done!!!

Big cheers for Beth and Bill. A few more leaks from the second floor into the kitchen. A little more drywall replaced. Another small leak behind a wall. A little more drywall and guess what? The kitchen is FINALLY coming together. I am pretty sure Ella is thrilled. No more take out or microwaved meals. YEAH!!!!! You never really know how much you appreciate a kitchen with water that doesn't flow from where the hanging lights are suppose to be. A stove that consists of more than sterno and matches. A garbage disposal that has more than a pets name attached to the end of it. A sink to wash dishes that isn't in the bathroom and a refrigerator that you don't have to travel to another room other than the kitchen to get a drink. And I don't mean use the ice machine and the filtered water. The connections for that are 20 feet away. In the beginning you just can't see your way through to the end of the project. Its never going to be done. The local Pizza Parlor knows you and your family by first name and they adopt you at meal time. Duncan Donuts has your standing breakfast order ready every morning and your debit card number on a post it next to the cash register. They can open the window and toss you the food since they know you never meant to spend your life eating breakfast in the family car. Kitchens are taken for granted. All I can say is I am thankful I have one. I would never have made it as a pioneer woman. Having said all of that the votes are in... Beth and Bill need to do my kitchen next. Take a look at this GORGEOUS cabinet they made and finished from SCRATCH!!!!!! This room is going to be a dream. Even Ella thinks so !!!


Robyn~Primlish said...

That is 1 gorgeous smile!! Those cabinets are a beauty too! ;)

Primitiques, Ltd. said...

awww. thank you Robyn. :) Yes, ella's got a great smile and she is genuinely thrilled with the progress in our kitchen...after all, we did paint our cabinets "Ella Blue", which she proudly tells EVERYONE when she is demonstrating how "you can't slam our doors or drawers" with our soft close hinges... she's our best rep :) thanks for your post. Beth Merryfield